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A truer saying has never been said.

I used to think that just loving photography and being a photographer was enough. I used to be a portrait fashion photographer and I loved it. I worked with models and had a blast setting up themes,  wardrobes, hair and makeup. I was in that world. All in it! I was published in magazines and that was the pinnacle of my success. 

Then my children came along and I didn't have time for elaborate shoots and the long hours of planning that even a simple shoot required. So for the next few years I shot anything and everything. Weddings, parties, conferences, children, still life, product, stock and yes I even did a few large productions because I always thought I would go back once my children were in school. That was laughable,  as I'm busier with them now that they are school then I was when they were home all day. The only difference is I get to clean the house a little and run some errands on my own, and I get to enjoy a full cup of hot cofeee. Come to think of it, that hot cup of coffee is the difference. But with photography you can not be all over the place because there are so many types and they all require a certain set of skills and in some cases even specific equipment and even if you decide to not be too specific you risk becoming  " A Jack of all trades and master of none!"  I'm fond of sayings. I'm just saying.  

Then social media happened and once I embroiled myself in it and tried to establish myself as a serious photographer, I realized that you just cant be a "Photographer" you have to be a "Fashion Photographer" a "Headshot Photographer" a "Portrait Photographer" a "Commercial Photographer" a "Stock Photographer' the list goes on and on. You have to niche or your followers (on instagram) or your friends and family on (facebook) will get confused and the web becomes an  awful and embarrassing entanglement. Over the last year because of the pressures of social media I have been forced to take a look at myself and pull together the things I love most, combine them with my personality, figure in my skills and my time constraints and eliminate all else. Yes, eliminate the wasteful and the negative.   So where does that leave me, well that leaves me with June, where new possibilities abound and I get to do more of what I love, because a truer saying has never been said!

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May 31st, 2017

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