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About Marisela Roman Photography

Marisela Roman Photography specializes in portraiture.  Traditional Classic or posed (the face is the predominant element and depicts a visual representation), Formal (for business or other formal occasion) Enviromental (photographed in persons natural enviroment such as the chef in the kitchen, a teacher in the classroom, sport, child etc), Candid (A casual non posed photograph, natural and spontanous), Glamour (emphasis is on beauty, clothing and makeup), Lifestyle (emphasis is given on style of living) using Creative and Stylized methods.

Offering Individual Portraits, couple portraits and group portraits

closeups (covering a portion of the face or hands etc) , facials (headshots concentration of shoulders and above) , upper body (waist up)  and full body (3/4th to full) 

I offer Studio photography with professional lighting and at your home or other location of your choosing (ie:  park, coffee shop).